My name is Marta Giavoni and I’m an enthusiastic young nutritionist.
I have studied between Madrid and Ferrara where I got my degree in Biology.
I graduated top of my class in Human Nutrition in Milan, Italy. After my studies I worked two years in Merano, north of Italy, in a luxury hotel famous for its detox treatment. All the clients had a personal visit with the nutritionist included in the program. The majority of my clients were foreign. Therefore I have a perfect knowledge of all kind of diets and food.
I love people contact and to teach all I know about the world of food and healthy eating. I decided to pursue my passion combining healthy eating and zero-waste creating an Instagram profile (@choosetobeactive) where you can see my daily updates and read the articles I write.
I truly believe in this work you never stop learning and that’s why I keep doing refresher training to keep my knowledge up to date.


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